Curcumin Side Effects

What You Must Know About Curcumin Side Effects

Curcumin Extraction

Modern science started to embrace curcumin as one of the most powerful botanical ingredients currently. Curcumin comes from India or any parts in Asia and is used as food coloring agent in mustard, margarine, curry powder, softdrinks and candy. This is a customary additive in anti-aging lotion and cosmetics of Indian women. Yet, its potency in promoting wellness to people is what makes it popular in the market. Curcumin is found in turmeric, an Indian spice, it is a water soluble compound in bright yellow color.  How is curcumin extracted?

There are two ways of curcumin extraction that we need to know and understand. First, is what experts called liquid solid extraction, this procedure is as simple as preparing a coffee through dried roots of turmeric. Water is added as solvent to the roots to extract the flavor of turmeric. Here, the solvent absorbs the flavor of the turmeric dried roots and forms into separate groups. The filtered mixture as solvent goes into evaporation method to recover the extracted substance in powder or crystalline form. This makes the final product. The remaining solvent can still be re-processed by using condensation.

In 2009, a study from Jadavpar University in India shows theoretical results against the liquid solid extraction and utilization of ultrasound in extracting curcumin. It was found out that the second procedure of extraction called Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction is much quicker to do compare to the traditional method. It cuts down long method of extraction by only doing the course of action in 70 minutes against hours of separating the liquid from solid. Aside from the time saving reason, a possible greater percentage of curcumin is obtained in reliable basis without undergoing heat method.

Kocha is known to be the turmeric mother rhizome which was used in the extraction that contributes in providing highest content of curcumin. Curcumin is extracted from different varieties such as Salem, Krishna, Rajapuri and Pratibbha using the ethanol, acetone, hexane and HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) method. Study shows that Pratibhha, HPLC and steam method extract highest percentage of curcumin.

Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction is much recognizable than Liquid-Solid Extraction as based on a study by National Product Communications. This is because the turmeric powder is achieved in lesser hours containing a greater number of curcumin. Much more, it aids researches in determining its potency in medicine.

It is necessary to determine a quicker, reliable and better curcumin extraction to ensure effective supplements are given to people. Curcumin has been proven its worth in aiding illnesses such as cancer, gastrointestinal or ulcer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and arthritis. It is enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties that are said to boost healthy cell condition.

Curcumin is manufactured by several companies such as Vitacost, Life Extension, Spring Valley, Nature’s Bounty and Prime at affordable prices. This can be bought in leading drugstores or online stores.

The factual evidences of curcumin’s capacity in treating health problems are well documented by professionals. It was recommended by experts to include in our dietary program by consuming 500 mg of capsule a day to maintain good health. Just make sure to pick a genuine formula of the capsule from a renowned manufacturer.